Recycling Directory

Recycling is available on campus and in the City of Chicago.
Please see below for details.

Single Stream Recycling

Many items can be recycled via the University of Chicago single-stream recycling program including aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic, glass, paper, bottle caps, and more.  All receptacles on the University of Chicago campus are single-stream and do not require sorting.  Refer to the image below for additional information.

Single Stream Recycling Poster
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Several types of electronic waste can be recycled on campus via drop-off or pick-up services.  Acceptable items include, but are not limited to, appliances, batteries, compact discs, mobile phones, computers, ink and toner cartridges, light bulbs, and VHS tapes.  Refer to E-Waste Recycling and the image before for additional information.

Electronic Recycling
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Batteries that are damaged, leaking, or swollen should not be brought to campus recycling locations. Instead, they should be treated as hazardous waste.  If you have a damaged, leaking, or swollen battery immediately contact Environmental Health and Safety at or call 773.702.9999 to request a hazardous waste pickup.


UChicago Medicine Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM) Pharmacy
5758 S Maryland Avenue, First Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60637
City of Chicago Pharmaceuticals Drop-off Locations

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Off-Campus Recycling Only

For off-campus recycling and items that cannot be recycled on campus, refer to: 
1) UChicago Marketplace
2) Your building property manager
3) The City of Chicago
4) Resale stores
5) Local retailers
6) Local charitable organizations  

Also, consider reusing and repurposing materials.