Biking on Campus

Community Resources
The University of Chicago offers the following services and resources for bike riders:

Campus Bike Rack Locations
Click here to see the Bike Rack Map

Bicycling is a fun and healthy way to get exercise while helping the environment, but remember to follow some basic safety tips when you ride.

Protect Your Property
You can register your bike with the UCPD by contacting the Community Relations Unit at 773.702.6008 and we will give your bike a numbered identification sticker and keep it on record.

Riding Gear
If you are a Divvy member, you can receive $10 off Bern, Bell, or Giro helmets! Visit this link to find the locations of participating retailers near you.  Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Riding a bicycle during your commute is a good way to keep yourself healthy while saving money and helping the environment. The money you save by not buying gas will improve the air you breathe by reducing emissions, and the exercise you get while riding will reduce your stress levels.

Want to get involved? We need volunteers for the following events: