2021 Battle of the Buildings Residence Hall Energy Competition

Battle of the Buildings Energy Challenge is underway!
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Between April 1 and April 31, the University of Chicago will be hosting the 2021 Battle of the Buildings Residence Hall Energy Competition! Each residence hall community will work together to save energy and water. The two Residence Halls with the greatest percent reductions from a three-year baseline will win awards and be recognized on the University’s website and Newsletter! 


  • Woodlawn Residential Commons 
  • Renee Granville Grossman Residential Commons 
  • Burton-Judson
  • International House
  • Max Palevsky
  • Campus North Residence Hall

Why Participate?: 

Energy conservation not only provides financial savings but also reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and provides educational opportunities for students and staff.  Giving students the opportunity to learn about and engage in energy auditing and conservation practices contributes to the University’s 2030 greenhouse gas reduction goal. Plus, there will be prizes for the two “biggest losers”: energy reduction winner, water reduction winner! 

Here are some ideas for ways you can engage your House/residence hall in energy conservation:

  • Tell your school community about the Battle of the Buildings. You can find weekly announcements, current standings and other resources on this website. Having your whole community on board is the first step in successfully tackling energy reduction goals. 
  • Vanquish energy vampires!  Use your set of plug-load meters to find electronics that use a lot of energy when they are plugged in, even when they are not turned on.  
    • Turn-off unused lighting
    • Report water leaks in restrooms or irrigation systems throughout the facility and building grounds.
    • Enable the ENERGY STAR power management features on your computer and monitor so they go into power save mode when not in use.
  • Post reminders to conserve energy.  Having reminders near light switches and electronics will help people remember to turn off and unplug devices.  Students can create their own reminder posters, flyers, note cards, or social media graphics. There are also graphics from the ENERGY STAR program available in the links provided. 

Winners and Prizes

Two Residence Halls will be declared winners based on two different criteria:

  • Residence Hall with the greatest percentage reduction in electricity use
  • Residence Hall with the greatest percentage reduction in water use

What are the prizes?

Residence Hall with the greatest electric reduction will receive $1,000 + plaque! 

Residence Hall with the greatest reduction in water use will receive a plaque!