University departments compete in Bike to Work Week

Summer 2010

A total of 13 teams from the University of Chicago participated in this year’s Bike to Work Week, the most of any university. Despite the sporadic thunder storms and humid temperatures during the week of June 12 - 18, over 100 employees cycled to work at least once during the week. The furthest two-wheeled commuter came from Indiana and rode 54 miles round-trip. Another individual, who had been looking for a reason to bike to work, did research on the safest route before cycling 29.5 miles from home to Hyde Park.

Numerous participants cycled to work for the first time and several discovered that it decreased their commute time. Brad Hack, Team Leader for the Nephrology Department, reported that a colleague “new [to cycling] realized that it is the quickest way to work.” Additionally, Bike to Work Week participants reportedly plan to cycle to work more often in the future. According the Nathan Hess, Team Leader for Chapin Hall, “most of the people who participated [were] not regular bike commuters, but after Bike to Work Week, several participants will probably start riding more frequently.”

Individuals who live both near and far joined the effort. Many employees who live nearby and often walk to work hopped on a bike for their commute. Still more, who live further away, “tried [cycling] out for the first time – just to their train stations,” said Heather Mirabelli, Team Leader for Information Technology Services.

Overall, Bike to Work Week helped bring awareness to cycling as an alternative transportation option. Cycling is healthy, relatively cheap, and sometimes an even quicker way to get to work. “Everyone who did it enjoyed themselves,” Hess stated. Winners will be announced by the Active Transportation Alliance at a luncheon for Team Leaders on July 8th.

Hats off to this year's participating teams!

  • Alumni House
  • Center for Advancing Research & Communications
  • Center for Health & the Social Sciences/Finding Answers
  • Chapin Hall
  • D'Angelo Law Library
  • Divinity School
  • Facilities Services
  • Humanities Division
  • Information Technology Services
  • Nephrology, Medical Center
  • Office of Clinical Research
  • Student Counseling and Resource Service
  • University of Chicago Press