Trees Rejoice as UChicago Reduces Paper Waste

March 2013

Last year's SAGE award winner has done it again. As part of their ongoing quest to digitize processes at the University, Financial Services is implementing three new initiatives that reduce the use of paper here on campus.

Paperless Payroll Initiative

The University currently sends over 4,000 paper paychecks and advice statements (plus 4,000 envelopes) every month. Financial Services has chartered a team tasked with digitizing this process and removing the use of paper. Eliminating paper paychecks and payroll advices provides a number of control, security, cost and sustainability benefits.

Employees receiving their payroll via direct deposit have the option to access their pay advice information via the online Employee Self-Service site (ESS). Effective April 1st, Payroll Services will no longer be printing/distributing paper payroll advices.

The team expects the final phase of the project to take place in November when the University discontinues printing paper paychecks and migrates any remaining employees receiving paychecks to electronic paycards.

If you haven't already, be sure to enroll in direct deposit:

1) Log into ESS using your CNET ID and password

2) Click on the Paycheck Tab

3) Click on Change Primary Direct Deposit

4) Update the necessary banking information and click on SAVE. - Visit FAQ #27 to view a sample check to find your transit and account numbers.

5) Click on Change Additional Direct Deposit to add up to 2 more accounts and click on SAVE.

If you have any questions on direct deposit or receiving electronic payroll advices, please contact Payroll Services at (773) 702-0306 or

Eliminating Paper Payroll Ledgers

Financial Services will also start eliminating paper payroll reports and piloting an electronic replacement in the next several weeks. Payroll ledger reports are produced approximately three times each month (twice for biweekly employees and once for salaried employees) and amount to almost 20,000 pieces of paper monthly. Contact Jim Hamaguchi, Director of Payroll, if you wish to become an early adopter of the electronic reports or would like to discontinue printing of your current paper reports.

Digitizing Paper Check Request Forms (ePayment)

If you've ever submitted a check request form to Financial Services, you might have used the old school copying process known as carbon paper. The current 3 part DPV form which includes a sheet of carbon paper will soon be replaced with an electronic request system (ePayment). The ePayment team is currently rolling out the new tool across campus with roughly half of the University already live. This digitization effort increases security and transparency while also reducing the costs of printing, shipping, archiving, and shredding.

If you would like additional information on the ePayment tool, contact Patti Ferriter at (773) 702-9393 or