Sustainability Gets an Online Makeover

October 2013

It’s been a long time coming, and we’re sure you’ve been counting down the days too. Drumroll, please—we’re here to announce that we FINALLY have a brand, spanking new website. And it’s fabulous. No, really. If it were still fashion week, we’d be throwing in the generic and going brand name. And it’s so easy to navigate, even one of our campus squirrels could do it.

Here’s the new homepage—don’t you love it?  

What’s that? You want to get off campus already? Or maybe you just want to get from Snell to Logan Arts Center. Well, we can help.

From there, let’s take it to the very improved and updated Recycling Directory, for absolutely all of your recycling questions.

What exactly is the University doing to be sustainable? Well, golly, now you can find out!

Want to know about one of our campus gardens? Well here you go, watch our Avant Garden video.

Check out all the ways you can get involved. And don’t forget our new SAGE Certification and SAGE Czar position.

Also, if you’re dying to know who “we” are, check out our staff page here.

Don’t forget, we’re on twitter and facebook too. Follow us @UChicagoSAGE and like us, because we already like you back (no creepo). Try our website on for size and let us know what you think. And you know what they say, if the website fits, use it!