Sustainability Council holds Indoor Gardening and Sprouting workshop

January 19, 2010

Julia Govis, Master Gardener and International Organic Farm Inspector, demonstrated last week how our University could be a little greener even in the depths of Winter.

Over forty people turned out for The “ Indoor Gardening and Sprouting” workshop, the first in an ongoing series of discussions to be held by the Sustainability Council’s Food & Gardening committee. The workshop, held Tuesday January 12th in Swift Hall, walked participants through the fundamentals of indoor container gardening and sprouting. After the demonstration and a Q and A session, participants were given materials to try out their new sprouting skills at home.

Govis shared many tips on sprouting and gardening that she has picked up through her years of experience. First you can start your own windowsill garden with reused yogurt containers, and you can begin sprouting with raw seeds purchased from your local grocery (since they must be food grade).