Become a SAGE Czar!

October 2013

This is your calling in life: Green your House and get credit for it

When you see someone holding a plastic bottle or a paper cup that once held a no-whip, double-foam, triple-shot macchiato, do you think to yourself: are they going to recycle that? Do you find yourself reflexively turning off lights when you see them on in an empty room? Do you sometimes finish that cookie you probably didn’t need but ate every crumb because hey, you’re saving it from a landfill? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, if they plague you deep into the night, or if you’re reading this article because you’re a (green) eager beaver, THEN HAVE WE GOT A JOB FOR YOU.

Become your House’s SAGE Czar!

Join the new and elite squad known as the SAGE Czars. Each House has an opening—and you can be the leader that fills it! SAGE Czars will be the driving force for sustainable changes in the Residence Halls. They wear their save-the-world cape daily and help house members with sustainability questions and issues. They’re pushing for sustainable changes and getting their house SAGE Certified. Can’t find a recycling bin? Want to know where you can borrow a bike? Want to know how to recycle your Solo cups? Your SAGE Czar knows the answer to all these questions and more.

What’s SAGE, you ask? Who’s behind this “SAGE Czar?”

SAGE, Sustainable Actions for a Greener Environment, is the University's green leadership program. In less than three years, we’ve trained nearly 300 students, faculty, and staff to serve as sustainability ambassadors to the campus. SAGE Ambassadors are briefed on the campus's current green initiatives and how they can raise awareness and contribute to this work while inspiring their peers and coworkers to integrate sustainable actions into their daily life. The SAGE Czar role is exclusively for students in Residence Halls and brought to you by the Office of Sustainability in partnership with Campus and Student Life. And we think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Talk to us.

Let us know if you’re interested in being a SAGE Czar—we’d love to have you and your House will memorialize you for it. Maybe they’ll put your statue on the Midway some day. Just maybe.

Questions? Email us for more info about SAGE Czars and/or SAGE Ambassadors.