SAGE Ambassadors are pumped up and ready for green action!

November 2012

The Office of Sustainability has hosted two successful SAGE Ambassador trainings in the last few weeks to educate students, faculty, and staff about sustainability programming on-campus and how they can get involved. We offer both a student training and a faculty and staff training.

Both fall trainings were well attended by enthusiastic and curious members of the University community. They came loaded with questions and eager to make the campus greener. Interestingly, the training brought together people with varying knowledge of sustainability– some were ready to start composting at home and others wanted to learn more about climate change. They came away from the trainings as full-fledged SAGE Ambassadors, with food in their bellies and knowledge in their heads. Oh, the things you can think about sustainability!

What is a SAGE Ambassador?

SAGE Ambassadors serve as sustainability advisors to their peers and green leaders on campus. The SAGE trainings teach participants everything they need to know about our environmental efforts on campus and empower them to make their office, building, or classroom more sustainable. Single-stream recycling, alternative transportation, green purchasing, and Earth Week are just a few topics that we cover. SAGE Ambassadors have inside information and easy access to our campus events and are eligible for our annual SAGE Ambassador Green Leadership Award (and a swanky event at the Quad Club come spring).

Many SAGE Ambassadors also serve as co-chairs and members of SAGE subcommittees where they work in small groups to address specific sustainability issues on-campus. This year's committee's will include a Waste & Recycling group, an Earth Week 2013 group, and a Sustainable Dining group.

Sign up for SAGE!

If you are interested in participating in SAGE subcommittees please email Sony Rane. SAGE trainings are conducted on a quarterly basis—just email Sony to have your name added to the list for the next SAGE training.