Recycles Winter Hibernation

November 2014

Recycles Hibernation

It’s not quite official, but every Chicagoan realizes that winter is upon us! By now you’re donning your winter coat, bundling up, and strategically spending as little time in the frigid temperatures as possible. As much as we want you to keep exploring this winter, we also worry about your safety. In order to keep the campus community safe and sound and prevent any wipeouts or icy accidents, we’re closing down Recycles for the winter.

As of Dec. 1, the Recycles fleet will hibernate for the winter. The bikes will reappear when the weather outside is less frightful and more bike-delightful.

What if I’m determined to bike in the winter?
That’s great! You are a brave soul. If you don’t own a bike, consider using Divvy bikes. And, as always, safety first—consider these tips from your friends at Blackstone.

And this spring…
Look out for Recycles updates on Facebook & Twitter! We’ll be keeping you posted on the program through social media. We’ll send up a flare when the bikes are back—and you can let us know when you have questions, too! Can’t wait that long? You can reach out to Freddy with any pressing questions.