recycles program resumes Monday, April 7

April 2014

Even the most seasoned Chicagoan will tell you this winter was particularly and annoyingly brutal. The seemingly endless months of sub-zero temperatures and frequents heavy snowfall tested the limits of nearing everything  -- our gear, our cars, our roads and sidewalks, and perhaps most of all, our endurance.
Here’s the good news: we’re stronger for it and there’s an end in sight. Do you remember the last time you left your apartment or home without a coat? Well fear not, you’ll soon be making new memories of a coat-free life. (Disclaimer: can’t promise how “soon” soon will be. Remember, you’re in Chicago — patience is not just a virtue, it’s a required ingredient of a relatively sane urban life.)

While you’re waiting around and defrosting your life, it’s time to pull out your riding gear again and get on a bike! Our recycles program opens for spring quarter on Monday, April 7.

And, because we never forget, be safe when you ride! Helmets might not be as trendy as everyone in the basement of Cobb, but safety is sexy. Be safe, UChicago.

Also we’d like to announce that we’re unveiling our recycles Facebook  page this spring! Like us to stay up to date on hours, locations, and any updates with the program. Program coordinator and cyclist extraordinaire Maalik Gardner will soon  revive the recycles twitter feed, where you can find minute-by-minute updates and the occasional original song (Maalik is quite talented!). Tweet at him for more music — he could always use more fans and support.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the bike lanes!