Navigating the Winter Wonderland on Two Wheels

Winter 2013

Winter is tough on cyclists, so being all the more prepared is vital. Winter cycling can be very enjoyable with the right attitude and proper clothing. We've compiled some useful tips to keep you safe and warm on the roads this winter. Look them over and take on the weather one pedal at a time this winter, and you too can love year-round cycling.

Stay warm
Keeping your hands and feet warm is a challenge, so pay close attention to which gloves and socks work best. Dress in layers of fitted clothing so the wind does not give you those thrilling chills.
· Dress properly
· Eat plenty to restore energy
· Layers of socks
· Layers of gloves

Be alert
· Avoid snow and ice patches
· Be aware of other bikes and cars on the road; ride defensively
· NEVER use your cellphone while biking; take off headphones
· Keep your head high

Be safe
· Know Chicago biking laws
· Always wear a helmet
Wear bright or reflective clothing so drivers and other bikers can spot your slips and falls can occur often with icy roads. Staying upright on your bike will help you maintain balance.

Winterize your bike
· Install front & back fenders so you stay dry and safe
· Install lights on the front and rear of the bike
· Install Knobby tires (can be purchased from Blackstone or 53rd Street Bicycle Center)

Kudos to all our winter bikers out there. We hope you enjoy braving the elements. Send us photos of your winter bike get-up and we will post them on Facebook. Happy winter cycling!