Earth Week 2013: THE CLIMATE GAMES

Spring 2013

You've been selected as a tribute in this year's Climate Games! Climate is our theme for this year's Earth Week activities. Since it is (literally) such a hot topic, we set aside a week to reflect on our changing climate and how that is already, and will in the future, affect our lives on planet Earth. And, yes, we moved Earth Week to May to take advantage of (hopefully!) warmer weather.

Earth Week Activities
This year we will have a week of activities and events the week of May 13 to bring attention to the impact climate change is having on our lives.

Let the games begin, and may the climate be ever in your favor.

Monday, May 13
Thin Ice: Film Screening
6:30-8:30pm, BSLC 205
Putting a face on the scientists studying climate change, including UChicago's own climate scientist, Louis Block Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert.
Co-sponsored by the Program on the Global Environment.

Tuesday, May 14
Recreate Workshop
4-6:30pm, Logan Center Wood Shop, Room 111
Could you survive in the arena? Work with reclaimed wood from campus to make a prize you can take home.
RSVP by May 8 to

Wednesday, May 15
Bike Safety Workshop
12-1pm, Bartlett Quad
Tips and tricks to keep you safe on two wheels, from Maalik, the recycles bike mechanic.

Thursday, May 16
The Plant Tour
We'll sponsor your trip to see a closed-loop facility that boasts vertical farms, aquaponics, an apiary, and a kombucha tea brewery.
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Cosponsored by Chicago Studies.

Friday, May 17
Earth Fest
11am-2pm, Main Quad
You've been selected as tribute in our Climate Games Obstacle Course! Earth Fest will also feature the Climate Games Obstacle Course, a test designed to weed out those tributes who wouldn't survive in a world where the climate may not be in their favor. Come represent your house, frat, sorority, RSO, etc., and compete for a valuable gift from your sponsors.

  • Bring any used clothing for our clothing swap with Encore and leave with some "new" attire. 
  • Free bike tune-ups from our recycles bike mechanic.
  • Grab some grub from food trucks and bike on Argonne's energy bike.
  • Make your own trail mix, plant your own herbs, and pick up skills you can use in any area.

You can also view a PDF version of the schedule here.