Campus e-waste collection: great success!

December 2012

The Office of Sustainability recently partnered with IT Services for its biannual campus e-waste collection. Anything with wires, batteries, and electronic parts was accepted and properly recycled. This fall, the collection included a very heavy robot, a hand-held bubble gun, and a projector masquerading as a briefcase.

16,000 Pounds Collected 

This year we collected nearly 16,000 total pounds of e-waste, about the same amount as last fall. Almost half of the total volume was the result of monitors and PC towers alone.

The collection wouldn't have been a success without the help of our partners at Ratner, the Regenstein, Social Service Administration, and the Gordon Center for Integrated Science--the four collection sites on campus. Members of the University community also helped out by promoting the event in their departments and dropping off their personal e-waste. "Every year, we find something around the office to add to the collection boxes," says Jennifer Galamba of Katherine Kinzler's research laboratory in the Psychology department. "It's a great program and we really benefit from having the collection on campus– and so does the environment!" A big thank you to our campus partners and all those who helped spread the word.

Going Forward

The Office of Sustainability is planning another collection in the spring, similar to last year's spring collection. Keep your eyes peeled for more information and hoard your e-waste!

There are several major environmental issues that are caused by improperly disposing of e-waste including leaching chemicals and resource loss. To learn more about the importance of recycling e-waste, check out our Ask Ignacio article on the subject.

If you have any e-waste emergencies (we know those happen!), check out our Recycling Directory and IT Services' Computer Recycling Program, which accepts a limited range of items during the year. These can be dropped off at the Solution Center Warehouse at 6019 S. Kimbark Ave.