Ask Ignacio: Valentine’s Day

What would a sustainable valentine’s day look like?

-The Zapper

It’s that time of year again. Beloved by some, loathed by others – it’s Valentine’s Day!

Last year, we covered possible sustainable gifts, ranging from chocolate to jewelry.  This time, let’s cover some activities.

First, let’s form some romantic habits. Turn off the lights and get comfortable.

Whether you and your partner like, love, or are mildly interested in each other, let’s give you an opportunity to show everyone just how much.

Baby it’s cold outside, wear your sustainable coat! Make some snow non-denominational winged people. Mount the unicorn of togetherness on the road of acceptance.

Once bundled up, pick up a tandem bike. Ride together toward the dreams of your future.

Go to a restaurant that features sustainable food options,. Uncommon Ground is a personal favorite of mine. Ride the butterflies in your stomach to a new tomorrow of possibility.

Sit together with no candles, because you remember that candlelight is actually more carbon intensive that using a light bulb. Your partner will be so impressed by your knowledge that it will create a circle of trust and mutual appreciation.

Maybe you don’t want to go out to dinner, but want to cook instead. Impress your partner with your cooking skills. Show him/her just how good hot soybeans picked from an unforgiving earth can be. Grab ahold of the skillet of devotion and tenderness.

Now, it’s time for the after dinner walk! Or take the CTA together to one of the many romantic spots in Chicago. Flaunt your non-driving ways to all that surround you on the street. Others will be honored to acknowledge you. Bask in the fondness of your partner and the surrounding applause. 

Some of you may have thrown up a little, that’s ok. Don’t forget that just because it’s a holiday, you don’t get to slack. The earth doesn’t care what day it is. Let’s love mother earth as much as we love our Valentines.

So, sappiness aside, remember sustainability is the gift that keeps on giving.

Your Valentine,